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Virtual EQ delay spinner
PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:34 pm Reply with quote
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Is there a way to set the delay spinner in virtual EQ to change in smaller incriments? Say .01 or .02 ms incriments vs. 1 ms. Right now each click of the up or down buttons results in a delay adjustment of +/- 1.0 ms. I can only directly input the smaller times.

I read the SysTune manual ALOT, but I very well might have missed how to adjust this, if it is adjustable.

Also, I am finding that delay analysis and virtual EQ have the capability to save me ALOT of time on system optimization, and also, to be able to take a trace of each active driver, send the customer on their way, then analyze the data when convenient to establish proper delay times, then at the customers convenience they can come back and I input the times into their processor. This is an awesome step ahead of how everyone else is doing it in my industry (car audio). I am also very interested in implementing EQ filter optimization, along with finding the proper delay times, all totally offline with saved data from the vehicle. I would like to implement this system of measurement and offline optimization with 3 main processors that we sell and install. 2 of them, made by Audison, the "bit one" and the "bit ten", have 1/3 octave graphic with adjustable Q. The other processor, made by Rockford Fosgate, the "360.3", has a 31 band parametric, with fully adjustable center freq. & Q. Taking into consideration that the filters in virtual EQ are "mathematical idealized filters", is there a way that I can use Advanced EQ to create a virtual model of each of the 3 processors I mentioned, and save each one as a separate setup file? I noticed that in Advanced EQ, under the button "add filter" an option for measured TF pops up. Is this what I would use to get virtual EQ to most closely mimic the real thing?

I hope all that made sense.

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks for your time.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:47 am Reply with quote
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Hello Niick,
the 1ms step cannot be changed. It can be used to find the delay roughly, then adjust manually (if neccessary).
Yes, if you measure the transfer functions of your processors, you can save them. These saved transfer functions can be used (loaded) in the Advanced EQ.

Best Regards
SDA, Waldemar Richert
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Virtual EQ delay spinner
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