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what is most wanted for you?
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only some and i post those bellow (because of the poll can only have limited option)
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all the 1-9 is super important to me
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all!, and i can pay a premium for this, like 25-50% more
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all!, and i can pay a premium for this, like 75-100% more
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all!, and i can pay a premium for this like 150% more
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all!, and i can pay a premium for this like 200% more
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Feature request board
PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2024 10:22 am Reply with quote
Joined: 24 Jan 2024
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Location: Sweden

I'm frustrated on the lack of function that are still missing in the EASE Evac.

so I like to list all the wanted feature list heter for you to vote on.
or maybe send AFMG a email on some of the following requests ? Smile

Ease evac user is in a different need than a Ease user.
and I'm am not talking about a "down scaled version" of Ease, Im talking about other features.

there fore the EASE Evac has some wanted special feature that is really needed in this special market.

I REALLY think that this is wanted by a lot of people Smile

It is naturally to have a large room that normally needs at least 2 speaker circuits.
I like feature like:

add a circuit to a group of speakers on a project (with many rooms) so that I can see the total power (watt) on each speaker lines. and this will appear in the project report also.[/b]

add a limiter group on each speaker lines, so if I normally have 2 amplifier brands, that have different capacity of the amplifiers.
for example :
"Brand A" have 125w, 250w and 800w amps.
"Brand B" have 125w, 300w and 500w amps.
then I can select Brand A and then an "overhead spare factor", for example 20%.
then all the speaker lines will look at what amplifier this brand has and pre-select a preferred amplifier that this speaker line needs (with several speakers connected to this.
so, in the report it will list the amplifiers needed for this project.

get a warning if I exceed a power of a speaker line (so I can add another speaker line or change to another existing speaker line.

in the request 1 we added the concept of speaker lines. now we can add a feature that estimate speaker line length.
for that we need to specify a place for the amplifier placement.

add a "specify a place for the amplifiers placement" for group some speaker lines to that amplifier placement (a rack of amplifiers, it is just a placement coordinate).

add a function that calculate the distance from the amplifier placement coordinates to the wall on that room and goes along the rooms walls in the project to the first speaker on that line and then to all the speakers on that speaker line, all the way to the last speaker on that speaker line. and then calculate the length of the speaker line (don't forget the ceiling height on all the room).
and this will be visible in the report for all the speaker lines. (this is VERRY useful "do we need roughly 4km or 1.5km cable for this site?")

add a function so that each speaker lines can be visible and be rerouted (like a large room wall), if the auto function takes not an optimal way.

in a project it is normally 5 different types of rooms and those repeats in the project area.
for example, one room with the same material and room height and background noise (and the same added objects).
maybe the room size is the same or similar.

I like to be able to copy a room, to the same project.

I like to be able to copy a room, to a different project that is also open.

export a room that I can later import.

Make a project report export/pdf, that present the STI ant the dB(a) tot value result in the same report.
AND in the first section: add a "total project speaker types settings and total power", so that the user don't need to look at 100 pages an hand sum those values!

Object: the same are often added in many rooms that has different size..
Copy a Object that I can paste in a other room.
export a Object that I can later import.

More materials or a function to import "absorption coefficient" table:
For example a datahall has a typical "White Wall" and can specify the datasheet for this..

the Ctrl + A in for example the sound source list open the "save project dialog"(?!), please the Ease Evac user want to select all in that list .. Very Happy

scale the report label text on the screen and on the report, and add a toggle for show constantly the label or not on the report and on the screen

toggle for not showing the X/Y square.

Other features/BUGGS/"Un-wanted features":
If a Ease Evac user have 2 or more screens (connected to his laptop) when working on a project, then he disconnect the extra screen and goes to show his client to discuss the project more.
when the Ease Evac user open his laptop and start Ease Evac, the Ease evac don't update the screens new settings (that it is only one screen now)! (only the "main window" of the program).
The problem is that all the "properties dialogs" are now in the "other screen" that is not there any more! Sad
the big issue is that the workaround is only working on those dialogs that is showing on the "taskbar" so those are selectable and then the Ease Evac user can hold down shift and select "move" inte the right click pop up menu för that dialog "in the non existing screen", and then use arrow keys to move it in to the existing screen.
the BIG issue is that for example "add object" dialog is one of those dialogs that is NOT showing on the "taskbar" so those will "freeze" the program! (to unlock "close" the dialog that is not shoving by press the Esc key..
Very Happy

have a fantastic day to you all, and if some feature are to advance for the "Ease evac price tag" have a Pro version, those feature are most wanted

with regards
Certified Voice evacuation specialist engineer (BIT)
according to SBF2017 in SBF502
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