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Export FRD (to EASE 4)
PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2023 7:13 am Reply with quote
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Why is it, that when I export a project to EASE 4 from EA5, I can check holes in the wire frame and get the "well done" message, but when I then try to run and Aura 3D map I get the following message;

Aura module not available for open rooms!
Please close the room first.????????????????

This is beyond frustrating and I can only assume this means models created in EASE 5 are not backwards compatible with 4.4.

The drawing module in EASE 5 may have some efficiencies over 4.4, but it is not able to do great deal of things 4.4 can and has a massively reduced speaker library to draw upon.

With all the deficiencies in the new product, I would of thought backwards compatibility of wireframes would be a minimum requirement.

Please fix this, or show me where I'm going wrong.....

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2023 11:22 am Reply with quote
AFMG Silke Bögelein
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Hi Sam,

Thank you for your input.

Yes, indeed EASE 5-FE offers a range of new features and tools that improve workflows and that make the software more accessible. That also means that the model of the room, of the sound system and of the room acoustics cannot be transferred 1:1 into the previous software version. There are many new aspects in 5-FE that have no equivalent in EASE 4.4 ( also see ).

One of those advantages is that the room does not have to be closed exactly in EASE 5-FE. EASE 4.4 cannot deal with rooms that are not exactly closed. If you check the room properties of the exported project in EASE 4 you will find that it is marked as “open”. If you change that setting to “closed”, you will have to make the corresponding corrections in the room model manually to ensure it is closed according to EASE 4.4 criteria.

It is true that some specific features of EASE 4.4 are not yet available in EASE 5-FE. A comparative overview is given in this table ( ). With EASE 5-FE we are set up for continuous delivery of new features. In that regard, please notice that since the launch in last fall we have published 8 major upgrades ( ).

With respect to the loudspeaker library it is a fact that EASE 5-FE does not support the SPK format. It was replaced by the more accurate and flexible GLL format already in 2006. Most loudspeaker companies are supplying their data sets in this format nowadays. These can be accessed directly through the database downloads page ( ). We agree, though, that for archived or legacy projects supporting the SPK format would be useful.

We would appreciate further comments and feedback from you. If you wish, please email us at with more details. We will be glad to discuss and consider them for future releases.

Best regards,

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